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Scripted Trading

Relative Volume Scan Column (ThinkOrSwim)

Relative Volume Scan Column (ThinkOrSwim)

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Adds a custom column to your watchlist that signals when a ticker has an unusual spike in volume.  Can be set for intraday volume or daily volume.  It also comes with a mobile mode and options scanner mode.  See this blog post for more info on the different modes (link)

Intraday mode allows you to instantly see which tickers on your watchlist are getting a high influx of volume.  Great for news catalyst momentum trading.  Best used paired with a fast news source to give context to the move.

Daily mode allows you to identify the tickers on your WL that had an unusual amount of volume relative to the 30 day average.

After purchasing download the file and copy contents into ToS custom column page.  The last chapter of the video below shows step-by-step setup instructions.

NOTE: If you already own the TradingView version you can get 50% off.  Email for discount code


Checkout the Scripted Trading YouTube page (link) to see the scanner in action.  Live streaming daily during market hours.

Demo and Instructional Video:



Future script versions will be sent to email used for initial purchase free of charge

**Last Updated 12/16/23

**Updated includes sharp rise/fall signal (white text).  Separates Mobile Mode and Options Mode into separate files

**Updated 5/29/23

**Update included addition of Brightness levels

**Updated 3/9/23

**Update includes addition of Mobile mode and Options mode (blog post here)

**Updated 1/30/23

**Update includes a fix to remove false signals at open, an adjustment to the distance between blue and light green signals, and a minimum volume filter that can be toggled on and off


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