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Supply and Demand Zones (TradingView)

Supply and Demand Zones (TradingView)

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This indicator will automatically chart supply and demand zones made from recent price action.  

The indicator settings allow you to set the "Intensity" and "Number of Candles" variables. 

"Intensity" adjusts the relative distance that a drop or rally needs to cover in order to qualify as a zone. 

"Number of Candles" allows zones from higher timeframes and hidden zones to be drawn.  i.e. On a 5min chart if the multiple is set to 3 it will draw zones from the 15min timeframe. (5min x 3 candles = 15min)

The first image shows an ES futures 5min chart with the indicator set to "Number of Candles" = 3.  This charts a 15min zone on the 5min chart.  (5min x 3 candles = 15min)

The second image shows an NVDA 15m chart with the indicator set to "Number of Candles" = 4.  This charts 1hr zones on the 15min chart.  (15min x 4 candles = 1hr)

This methodology also allows the discovery of hidden zones that can not be found directly from the higher timeframe chart.  See the last image for a diagram of hidden zones.




When purchasing provide your TradingView username in the "Order special instructions" field.  This field is on the "Your cart" page/panel not the checkout page.

You will be added to the access list in TradingView. (time between purchase and addition to access list may vary)

After you are added to the access list you will need to refresh your TradingView tab (ctrl+r for Windows) (cmd+r for Mac)

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