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Relative Volume Scanner (TradingView)

Relative Volume Scanner (TradingView)

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This is a TradingView version of the original Relative Volume Scanner on ThinkOrSwim.

This script adds a table to the TradingView chart space that signals when a ticker has an unusual spike in volume.  TradingView limits a table to 40 tickers max.  The scanner comes with 6 pre-set ticker lists and a separate crypto scanner.  To scan all stock lists simultaneously add the indicator to the chart 6 times and set the user inputs for each table to a different pre-set list.

Great for news catalyst momentum trading.  Best used paired with a fast news source to give context to the move.

Benefits of the TradingView version: Cryptocurrency signals, Alerts (mobile notifications and sound alerts on desktop)

Pictures show 6 scanner tables side-by-side.  The second picture shows the tables in compact mode which is used to conserve screen space. 

To read a lengthier post on how to setup and use the scanner go here.

To read the description page of the indicator on TradingView go here.

NOTE: If you already own the ThinkOrSwim version you can get 50% off.  Email for discount code



When purchasing provide your TradingView username in the "Order special instructions" field.  This field is on the "Your cart" page/panel not the checkout page.

You will be added to the access list for the scanner in TradingView. (time between purchase and addition to access list may vary)

After you are added to the access list you will need to refresh your TradingView tab (ctrl+r for Windows) (cmd+r for Mac)

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