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Multi-Time Frame Moving Averages

Multi-Time Frame Moving Averages

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This study/indicator allows you to add simple moving averages and exponential moving averages from timeframes that differ from your chart's timeframe.

For example, if you are viewing a 5 min chart you can add EMAs from the 15 min, hourly, and/or daily timeframe.  Other timeframes also available.

ThinkOrSwim already has a study that supports this function for simple moving averages.  However, it is missing the important exponential moving average.

This study supports simple, exponential, weighted, wilders, and hull averages.


EMAs displayed in image:

9 ema from daily timeframe (straight green line)

9 ema from hourly timeframe (stair step dark blue line)

9 ema from 15 min timeframe (jagged light blue line)

9 and 20 ema from 5 min timeframe (green and red smooth lines)

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